AER - Volume 6 Issue 1 Spring 2017

This is a special tribute issue to Dr Mark E Josephson, who sadly passed away in January 2017.

Dr Josephson, as well as being a giant in the field of electrophysiology, was a highly respected and much-loved colleague and mentor, as reflected in a series of Guest Editorials and Personal Perspectives by Alfred Buxton, Hugh Calkins, David Callans, Philippa Hill, Demosthenes Katritsis, Frank Marchlinski, John Miller, Fred Morady, Edward Rowland, William Stevenson, Charles Swerdlow, Hein Wellens, Peter Zimetbaum and Douglas Zipes.

Also included are two clinical reviews co-authored by Dr Josephson, on Electrophysiological Testing for the Investigation of Bradycardias (with Demosthenes Katritsis), and Mahaim Accessory Pathways (co-written with Demosthenes Katritsis and Hein Wellens).