EHRA 23: CEASE-AF: Combined Surgical & Catheter Ablation Approach in LSPAF

Published: 17 Apr 2023

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EHRA 2023 — Investigator, Prof Nicolas Doll (Schuechtermann-Klinik, DE) joins us to discuss the take-home messages from the international prospective randomised multi-centre CEASE-AF study (NCT02695277).

In a randomized controlled trial, 146 patients were enrolled to compare the safety, efficacy, and quality of life outcomes of a combined epicardial surgical plus endocardial catheter technique with a standard endocardial catheter ablation technique for patients with persistent or long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation (AF). The study aims to provide evidence for the effectiveness of a combined surgical and catheter ablation approach as a standalone therapy for AF, contributing to the existing body of research on AF treatment options.

1. Unmet needs in persistent and longstanding persistent AF patients?
2. CEASE-AF study and experimental procedure overview?
3. Eligibility criteria and study population of CEASE-AF trial?
4. Key findings of CEASE-AF study?
5. Take-home messages from CEASE-AF findings?
6. Next steps based on CEASE-AF results?

Recorded at EHRA 2023, Barcelona.