HRS 24: LBBA Pacing Using Retractable Helix Lead: BIO-CONDUCT Study

Published: 04 Jun 2024

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HRS 24 - Dr Larry Chinitz (NYU School of Medicine, US) joins us to discuss the findings of the prospective, multicenter BIO-CONDUCT study, which investigated the safety and efficacy of the BIOTRONIK Solia S pacing lead implanted in the left bundle branch area (LBB) (NCT05251363, Biotronik Inc.). 186 patients with atrioventricular block, bradycardia, left bundle-branch block or cardiomyopathies were enrolled in the trial. 

Findings showed a success rate of achieving conduction system pacing of over 95%, in line with the success reported with the standard approach using lumenless leads. 

Interview Questions:

  1. What is the background of this trial?
  2. What was the trial design, eligibility criteria and baseline characteristics?
  3. What are the key findings?
  4. How should these findings impact clinical practice?
  5. What are the take-home messages?
  6. What are the next steps?

Recorded Remotely from New York, 2024.

Support: This is independent content produced by Radcliffe Cardiology.

Interviewer: Jordan Rance

Videographer: Dan Brent


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