Josep Brugada

Josep Brugada

Medical Director


Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, ES

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  • Section Chief of Arrhythmias at barnaclínic+ and Pediatric Hospital of Sant Joan de Déu.
  • Senior consultant in Cardiology, Arrhythmias and Sudden Death at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona.
  • Full Professor of Medicine at the Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Past President of the European Heart Rhythm Association from 2006-2008

Dr Brugada discovered, treated and found the genetic cause (along with his brother Pedro and Ramon) of a rare syndrome causing Sudden Death, which is known in the scientific literature as Brugada Syndrome.

Josep Brugada Terradellas, MD, PhD, FESC. Cardiologist, Specialist in Biology and Sport Medicine, MBA Management in Health Services. Medical Director of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, head of the Arrhythmia Section of the Pediatric Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Past President of the European Heart Rhythm Association.

So far, he has published more than 300 original papers in the most relevant international journals, Prof. Brugada held also the post of Deputy Editor of the European Journal of Cardiology. He is member of several scientific societies and is Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona since 1998.

Professor Brugada is a member of the AER editorial board.

Articles by Josep Brugada, Medical Director

Differential Diagnosis of Wide QRS Tachycardias

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Asymptomatic Ventricular Pre-excitation: Between Sudden Cardiac Death and Catheter Ablation

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Authors’ Reply: New Information on Asymptomatic Pre-excitation

Josep Brugada, Roberto Keegan,

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Atrial Fibrillation, Arrhythmias, Methane, Heart Failure, Cardiovascular System, Cardiology, Pacemakers, Cardiomyopathies, CMR, Echocardiography