Everything Flows – Heraclitus

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In previous editorials, I have reflected upon our policy to continually improve the journal in every possible way. We live in a digital era and we have access to an overwhelming amount of information online and whoever fails to adapt is doomed to become extinct.

I am, therefore, delighted to introduce our collaboration with the British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS), a learned establishment of the British medical tradition that has international aspirations under the inspired leadership of Richard Shilling.

Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review is honoured to be the official home of BHRS, and we are all confident that this shared journey will culminate in exciting educational and scientific achievements.

BHRS members are most welcome to submit their work, express their views on the journal’s content and suggest ways we can improve and maintain our high scientific standards with an international orientation, which is the aim of this publication.