To Know Mark was to Love Him

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To Know Mark was to Love Him

I was fortunate to work for Dr Josephson at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston as my first job in the US after leaving the UK. My interview with Mark was a taste of the man – his flair for the dramatic, the need to shock you and see your response. But more importantly his kindness. My friendship with this amazing man endured from that first meeting. I learned so much more about him over the next few years – we shared laughs, a love of Motown music and more importantly the love of learning in the challenging world of electrophysiology. A lot of fellows came through the labs and to my great amusement one of the greatest compliments in a true MEJ back-handed manner when a fellow got the answer wrong he would look at me with a wry grin and say to them, "Even she knows the answer to that" – me, a mere cardiac technician. What a compliment from the man himself. It didn’t matter who you were, what level in the hierarchy you were, as long as you showed passion and enthusiasm. To know Mark was to love him, and I'm honoured to be part of the group of people who can say they knew him.