AER - Volume 3 Issue 2 Summer 2014


It was an honour to accept Dr Demosthenes Katritsis’ invitation to supply the foreword to the August 2014 edition of Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review (AER), following my appointment as Section Editor – Clinical Electrophysiology and Ablation for the journal.

AER, with its editorial mission of providing concise, practical reviews on heart rhythm disorders for the education of both arrhythmologists and general cardiologists, continues to grow as an invaluable resource of quality review articles for the cardiology community, which is testament to the editorship of Dr Katritsis, the editorial board, and the contributing authors and reviewers.

This issue covers a range of topics of real interest with a number of articles focused on inherited arrhythmias and genetics, ablation techniques and implantable cardiac device issues, written by a panel of experienced and respected cardiologists.

I trust that you will find this edition of AER an enjoyable contribution to your continued educational development on heart rhythm disorders.

Prof. Karl-Heinz Kuck - Section Editor AER